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Freshwater Vs. Saltwater Pools

Freshwater vs. Saltwater Pools

When you decide to set up a new swimming pool, you have the option of filling it with freshwater or saltwater. Both options are popular throughout the country, and they both come with their pros and cons. In order to figure out which option is right for you, you need to understand the difference between saltwater pools and freshwater pools. This guide illustrates those differences so you can determine what you want to use in your in ground swimming pool.
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When Should I Replace My Pool Cover?

Pool covers can be expensive, which is why it's always best to invest in a quality cover that is going to last for a long time. Even the best products on the market won't last forever though, so you will eventually need to consider getting a new one. This brings up a valid question: When should I replace my pool cover? The information below will help you determine just that.
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Pros and Cons of Hot Tubs: Part 1

A hot tub can be the perfect addition to a swimming pool, but it may not be the perfect addition for you. There are a number of pros and cons to hot tub installation that you need to keep in mind before making this investment. It may become your favorite spot in the backyard, or it could be a waste of money. We'll help you decide which one is the case for you specifically.
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Pool Enclosures Can Extend Your Swimming Season: Part 1

Want to enjoy your swimming pool even longer? A pool enclosure could be the perfect solution for you. Also known as a pool dome, a pool enclosure is a special cover that surrounds your entire pool while still allowing you to swim under it. Unlike pool covers that sit along the surface of the water, pool enclosures raise above the water, acting like a protective dome that keeps your pool warmer, safer, and unexposed throughout the year. Let's explore the world of pool enclosures in more detail to see if getting a pool dome is a good choice for you.
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Taking Care of Your Pool Canopy in the Winter

Having a pool canopy in the summer is a great way to block out harmful UV rays and maintain the temperature around your pool. In the winter though, this canopy is liable to get damaged from the high winds, heavy snow, and falling debris that are common around this time of year. The guide below explains how to take care of your pool canopy in the winter so you can put it up when next summer rolls around.
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Protect Your Pool Cover in the Winter

The ice and snow that build up in the winter can be damaging to your pool, which is why having a pool cover on hand is always a good investment. Nevertheless, that same ice and snow can damage your pool cover, costing you money in repairs or possibly ruining your pool cover entirely. In order to avoid that fate, you can follow these simple tips to protect your pool cover in the winter.
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