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Setting Your Pool up for Nighttime Swims

Like to swim at night? Don't we all! After a full day of sunlight, most pools are the perfect temperature for a relaxing post-sunset swim. In order to be safe and still have fun during this glorious part of the day, you need to get your pool set up for nighttime swims. The tips below will help you do just that.
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Above Ground Pool Safety Tips: Part 2

Continued from Part 1
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Above Ground Pool Safety Tips: Part 1

Above ground pools have their own unique safety concerns. They may not be as easy to trip into as in-ground pools, but that doesn't make them any safer to have in your yard.  Before you incur a disaster this summer, prepare your yard, your family, and your mind to stay safe around the pool. Here are some quick tips to get you started.
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How to Save Money on Pool Furniture

Pool furniture can get pricey, depending on how extravagant you go with it. A simple patio set may not cost much, but a full set of vinyl pool chairs may break the bank if you're not careful. In order to make the most of this investment, you may have to get creative with how and when you order your seating. Here are some quick tips showing how to save money on pool furniture.
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