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Taking Care of Your Pool Canopy in the Winter

Having a pool canopy in the summer is a great way to block out harmful UV rays and maintain the temperature around your pool. In the winter though, this canopy is liable to get damaged from the high winds, heavy snow, and falling debris that are common around this time of year. The guide below explains how to take care of your pool canopy in the winter so you can put it up when next summer rolls around.
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Protect Your Pool Cover in the Winter

The ice and snow that build up in the winter can be damaging to your pool, which is why having a pool cover on hand is always a good investment. Nevertheless, that same ice and snow can damage your pool cover, costing you money in repairs or possibly ruining your pool cover entirely. In order to avoid that fate, you can follow these simple tips to protect your pool cover in the winter.
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Save Money on Heating and Lighting for Swimming Pools

The energy costs for swimming pools often come down to heating and lighting. While the pool equipment itself requires electricity or some other energy source to keep going, you cannot do much about reducing the fuel it requires. You can, however, cut down on the cost of heating and lighting for swimming pools if you take the right steps and investment in the right equipment from the start. Here are some tips to help you save money in the future.
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Easy Ways to Cut Your Pool Maintenance Costs

Feel like the upkeep for your swimming pool is higher than it should be? Want to enjoy the benefits of a pool without the high maintenance costs? While there are some expenses that cannot be avoided, there are others that you can reduce or eliminate by making smart investments at smart times. Here are some easy ways to cut your pool maintenance costs so you can put your money where you need it most.
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