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Part 1: Electric Pool Safety Barriers

All responsible pool owners must have safety protocol in place to protect children, guests, pets, and others from hurting themselves near the pool. In addition to teaching people about proper pool safety, like not running near the pool or not swimming without a partner, you can employ different types of barriers to control when people use your swimming pool. There are two main categories of pool safety barriers: electric and physical. In part one of this guide, we will explore different types of electric pool safety barriers that you may use in your home or business.
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Save Money by Reducing Your Pool Pump’s Energy Usage

Your pool pump is one of the biggest energy users in your pool's circulation system. If you're tired of paying higher-than-expected electricity bills in the summer, you may be able to cut back on your pump usage to lower your overhead. In the guide below, we will explain how to save money by reducing your pool pump's energy usage this summer.
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