inground pool

In-Ground Pool Build

If you are in the market for a new backyard getaway, give us a call. We can help you with everything from selecting the size, shape and features through to the finished pool ready for you to enjoy.

Our pool construction and design staff is fully up to date when it comes to the latest building regulations and codes. This guarantees that we’re on top of the important details involved while constructing your pool.

Our construction methods involve the latest technology in pool construction, permitting upgrades or add-ons. Construction of smart pools will also help you minimize safety concerns as well as maintenance costs. Our team is well trained and experienced to deliver on budget and on time.

Designing your pool

This is an important step when building an inground pool, as the foundation of the project is laid during this stage. Our experts at POOLMAX will access your property's potential to ensure success even before the digging begins. We help you decide on the pool design, layout and materials, giving you information on special features and accessory options, including pool decks, equipment and smart technologies. After you have finalized the entire plan, POOLMAX will give you a reasonable estimate of the construction time.

Ask our pool professional about all the options available:

  • Any size or shape is possible with Gunite Pools
  • A variety of finishes including plaster or Pebbletec
  • Saltwater or Freshwater
  • Smart technology including automated control systems
  • Automated robotic cleaners
  • Water features & lighting

Building your pool

The building phase of the pool starts only after you are fully satisfied with the pool design. POOLMAX experts will coordinate among all required professionals, and will make sure that all the permits and material orders needed to build your new pool are in place. Constructing a new pool is a substantial undertaking, and our professionals will keep you informed at all times before, during and after the project completion.

During pool construction, you can be sure that everyone working on your project adheres to high industry standards. All our personnel - from engineers to laborers – are known for their high quality work. At POOLMAX, we take care of minute details of every pool we build.

The process of building your pool includes:

  • Creating a timeline for the project
  • Obtaining necessary permits from local authorities
  • Performing the excavation and rough grading
  • Installing the framing and plumbing fixtures
  • Installing the gunite shell
  • Installation of coping and tiles
  • Installing all the required filtration equipment and pumps
  • Setting up the pool deck, lighting, fencing and all other options in the project
  • Plastering the pool (or pebbletec) and filling it up with water
  • Checking and adjusting chemical balances of the water

Get in touch with us for a free estimate and design ideas for your backyard getaway. Give us a call at 410-320-7817 or use our convenient form to request more information.