When is the best time to open my pool?

We often get this question because pool owners don't want to open too early for fear of spending more dollars on energy or having problems due to chilly weather. We advise (in Maryland) to open the pool when the weather is consistently at 70 degrees. Although this may be too cold for great swimming, it is good to not have the pool covered during the really hot weather. If you open late, this gives pollen and algae opportunities to reach your unfiltered water and actually can cost more in chemicals/service than the little extra time running your equipment.

When is the best time to close the pool?

Often we are closing pools when the air temperature stays below 70-75 degrees on a consistent basis. If you have a heater, you could typically close much later. However, if you close too early and we have a hot period, then your winter chemicals could get used up too early leaving an issue for the Spring. Late September and early October are usually the busiest periods for us closing pools in Maryland.

How much does a new pool cost?

Pool prices can range from $30,000 and up depending on many factors including the size, depth, technology, deck, tile and options you choose to add on. That's why we schedule a time to review your property and discuss your desired features before we provide an estimate.

Should I have salt water or fresh water?

Both have advantages and disadvantages. Saltwater systems actually make chlorine to sanitize the water so you do save money on chemical expenses. Salt is cheaper than buying chlorine and you don't add it frequently like chlorine. However, the initial costs involved with freshwater pools are lower and saltwater systems sometimes have issues with corrosion over time. Saltwater pools have a relatively low level of salt, at about 3,000 parts-per-million, versus the ocean which contains about 20,000 parts-per-million. So, even though you are swimming in saltwater - it is nowhere near the feel or taste of the ocean.

Do you offer pool financing?

We can point you in the right direction for the best financing options available to homeowners, although we do not finance directly.

Do you offer emergency services?

Yes. If you have a service issue that requires emergency service, call us. Sometimes there is a slight fee for non-standard service time frames and if that is the case, we'll let you know ahead of the technician being dispatched.

Do you sell parts?

We have some of the most competitive prices in the area on pool parts, supplies and chemicals. Plus, we deliver free to our service customers and to anyone else spending at least $100 in our service area. Call us for pricing and more information.

Will I need a permit and who applies for it?

Yes, all Maryland counties will require permits to build a pool. Typically, we take care of all permit applications on your behalf.