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This in-ground pool was built for Dogwood Acres, a pet retreat in Davidsonville, MD. The goal was to create a space where dogs that love water and their owners could gather and have fun. Because the primary use of the pool involved dogs; we designed features with that in mind. This in-ground bone shaped pool has a specially designed filtration system, slip-resistant surfacing, and 4 fountains for even more splashing fun! And it has a special White Pearl pebbletec finish to keep the water looking bright blue!

White Pearl Pebbletec Finish: A warm white finish with an earthy assortment of white, grey and golden pebbles. This finish produces a light blue water color.

Tiles and Coping: a marbled blue tile with natural stone coping.

Pool Features: Sun Shelf in each rounded corner of the bone shape. Perfect for smaller dogs with a water fountain strategically placed near the shelf.

White Pearl Pebbletec
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