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Choosing Your Swimming Pool Colors

The colors of your swimming pool features can have a major impact on the overall look of your backyard. You can determine the tone of your pool and how well it blends in with your home based on the shades and stones you select for your design. Before you begin your swimming pool installation, make sure you have a color scheme that will work well for your needs. Here is a guide explaining how to choose your swimming pool colors.

Get Inspiration from Your Home’s Exterior

You may be able to pull colors for your pool from your home’s existing exterior. For instance, if you have a home with a bright red brick exterior, you may use neutral beige tones around your pool so they do not compete with the vibrancy of the masonry. If you have grey vinyl siding, you may select warm grey tones that complement the siding and tie it into other areas of the backyard. Whether you get your colors directly from your home’s exterior or you just find colors that match what you already have going on, you will end up with a beautiful pool to come home to.

Look through Swimming Pool Galleries

Your swimming pool builder should have a gallery of photos from former clients that they have worked with. You can use thee to get an idea of different color combinations you may want to explore. You can always make adjustments to these colors based on your needs, but at least this will give you a visual of what your pool could look like. You may also use the gallery to explore pool shapes and special pool features that you could add onto your swimming pool over time (lighting, water features, etc.).

Consider Your Backyard Greenery

The plants surrounding your pool should also play a role in the colors you select. For instance, if you have a tree with white blossoms, you may add touches of white in your pool colors to tie everything together. If you have a bush with red berries, you will want to make sure you do not have any competing reds in your pool color scheme that could detract from the beauty of your plants. It’s all a matter of balance, which you can perfect over time.

If you do not have any plants in your yard yet, you may want to put together your pool scheme first and then tailor your plants accordingly. It’s a lot easier to change out a plant than it is to redo your pool.

Decorate with Water Color

Water color is traditionally blue. Actually, water is always clear, but, depending on the finish of your pool’s surface – it can appear aqua, bright blue, dark blue or even black! A traditional white plaster pool surface will yield a very light blue, but, change the color to grey or blue and the water color will change. If you have an aggregate surface (like Pebbletec); the possibilities are even greater. Check out their color visualizer.

Get Advice from the Experts

At the end of the day, it may be best to speak with local swimming pool installers to find out what your options are and which colors will work best for you. They will be able to tell you what color combinations are popular in your area and which ones will work well for your budget. No matter what your dream swimming pool may be, you can bring it to life with the right help on hand.

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