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Get the Perfect Pool on a Budget

Have big plans for your swimming pool and a small budget to work with? Never fear! There are some simple tricks you can use to get a beautiful, enjoyable dream pool on a dime. With the guide below, you can adjust your plans to get the most out of your investment. Read on to learn how to get the perfect swimming pool on a budget.

Change the Pool’s Size and Shape

Scaling down the size of your swimming pool could significantly reduce your costs. Talk to your buider when it comes to size… some items like interior finishing step down in cost at specific levels. Ask your builder what size & shape will get you the most for your budget.

If you have plans for a custom-shaped pool, you may want to opt for a more traditional shape. Even if the size remains the same, when it comes to installing a cover; labor and materials are cheaper if you have a more traditional shape.

Even if you have to cut down on the overall size, don’t skimp on interior features like sun shelves, built-in steps or a beach entries if these are desirable features. These features are much less expensive when done now.

Some features, like a waterfall on one end of the pool can be added post construction. You simply need a solid starting point to build on over time.

Use Low-End Materials with High-End Accents

Much of the money that you spend on your swimming pool will be in the stonework surrounding the pool and pool deck. You could use simple stained concrete for your pool deck with accents of high-end stones. This will give off a custom feel without costing you a fortune. The same could be said for your pool tiles. Use cheaper tiles for the majority of the pool, and accent them with specialty tiles that would cost a lot if used in high volumes. You can work with your swimming pool installer to find the right balance of materials.

Cut Back on Your Pool Features

If you have big plans of using pool lighting, water features, etc., you may consider adding those at a later time. Focus on the pool itself and the safety features you need to make it function. Then you can add the special features to it next season, next summer, or next year, depending on how your finances work out. You may want to tell your swimming pool installers about your plans for the future so they can make sure your pool is set up properly for your upgrade.

Scale Down Your Decking and Landscaping

You can always expand your pool deck over time, especially since it is already on the exterior of your pool. You may turn it into a complete outdoor kitchen with a canopy and grill, but for now, all you need is a place to step after you get out of the pool.
You can keep this same mentality when it comes to your landscaping. Plant your backyard garden at a later time when you have more funds to work with. The plants will certainly complement the pool well, but they can wait without costing more later.

Invest in Good Pool Equipment

As much as you may want to save money on your new swimming pool, you need to make sure you invest in good pool equipment. This will pay for itself in maintenance and replacement savings. Quality pool equipment requires little to no maintenance, and it lasts much longer than its bargain-rate counterparts. This is one area of pool installation that you will not want to skimp on.

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