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How Deep Should My In-Ground Pool Be?

In the tips below, we will answer the big question on your mind: “How deep should my in-ground pool be?” This will put you one step closer to building the perfect swimming space for your home.

Who Will Be Using the Pool?

Before you can determine how deep you want your pool to be, you need to think about who’s going to be using the pool. If the pool is mainly for your children, you might want to stick with a shallow height. Of course, you have to keep in mind that your children will eventually get taller. If you have a family where everyone is at least 6 feet tall, 3 or 4 feet may not be enough for an enjoyable adventure.

How Will You Be Using the Pool?

Do you plan on swimming a lot in the pool, or will you be adding a diving board to the outside? Do you prefer lounging in your pool, or do you want to use it for exercising? All of these answers play into determining how deep you want your pool to be. Make sure you have enough depth to do whatever you want to do in your in-ground swimming pool, but don’t go so deep that you can’t relax when you want to.

This is the most important thing to consider when choosing your pool depth. If diving into the water is your thing a large portion of the pool will need to be greater than eight feet deep. However, if diving is not the usual activity – having half your pool at eight feet means you will have a large area that is not used. When people are in your pool; they’ll all be crowded into the shallow end to socialize or play. With a concrete pool, the possibilities are endless. You could consider having two shallow ends and a slope to six feet in the middle. This gives you space to play or swim.

How Much Maintenance Can You Handle?

As you may expect, deeper pools are harder to maintain than shallow pools. It is tough to get cleaning equipment to the bottom, and there is more pool water to collect leaves, branches, and other debris. Chemicals tend to balance better in larger water volumes, but that’s the only real advantage from a cleaning perspective. If you want a hassle-free swimming pool, you might want to keep the depth low.

What Do You Have Room for?

Consider the footprint of your swimming pool when you plan your depth. If the pool cannot be very long or wide, you may not have enough space to get the depth you desire. You can speak with a pool installation specialist about your options to determine how deep your in-ground swimming pool should be. They will map out the perfect pool for you.

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