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How to Avoid Tan Lines

Summer is tanning season. It’s the perfect time to lounge by the pool and build your beautiful bronze glow. Tan lines are considered to be perfectly normal, but they can be unsightly in a strapless dress or pair of shorts. If you want to maintain an even color to your skin, you need to know how to tan the right way. This guide explains how to avoid tan lines so you can make the most of your pool-side soaking.

Put on Your Birthday Suit

The only way to completely avoid tan lines is to tan in the nude. If your pool area is blocked from view so your neighbors cannot see you, you may spend some time outside without a swimsuit on. Do not stay out for too long as you may just end up with a sunburn from head to toe. Use suntan lotion to block out harmful UV rays while still allowing your skin to bronze.

PRO TIP: Cover Part of Your Pool Deck

Install a canopy to cover part of your pool area. If you tan early in the morning or in the latter part of the evening, you could catch sun rays coming in from the side. You’ll be covered by the canopy from above, but you will still be able to soak in the sun by the pool.

Use Tanning Lotion or Visit a Tanning Salon

Another way to ensure that your tan looks even all over is to apply it yourself. You might do this through tanning lotion, or you may go to an actual tanning salon. At a salon though, you will still have the same dilemma you would have by the pool because you will most likely be in a swimsuit. You can tan in the nude in a private tanning bed, but you may not want to for spray tanning or anything else along those lines. When you control the tan, it’s a lot easier to get it where you want it.


If you’re getting frustrated with tan lines, you could avoid tanning altogether. Use strong sun screen when you are by the pool to keep your skin the color it is now. You may still absorb a little sun while you’re out, but not enough to create a distinct mark on your skin.

Change Swimsuits

If you want to get a natural tan without unnatural lines, you could try switching your bathing suits. For instance, you may wear a strapless bikini the first day and a halter top the next. Doing this will give different parts of your body exposure to the sun, and that will help you reduce tan lines. The more revealing the swimsuit, the smaller the tan lines will be. You just have to know what you are comfortable with.

PRO TIP: Wear Tan-Through Swimsuits

Tan-through swimsuits are designed to let sun rays pierce through to the skin. You will still be entirely covered up wearing them, but your skin will get exposure to UVA and UVB rays. There is a company called Cooltan that makes a full line of t-shirts and swimwear with tan-through fabric, so you can tan by the pool while still staying covered.

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