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How to Treat a Sunburn

Pool safety is about more than just protecting your family from falling on the pool deck. A good portion of this process relies on proper sun protection. Getting a sunburn is an unpleasant experience, and it can cause unbearable pain for days at a time. While there is no real way to “cure” a sunburn, there are techniques you can try to reduce the amount of pain you are in if you get one. The guide below explains how to treat a sunburn so you can get quick relief after an unprotected day at the pool.

Apply After-Sun Products to the Burn

Manufactured after-sun products can cool your skin and rehydrate it at the same time. This will ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible, and it will give your body the best chance of healing your sunburn quickly. Apply one of these products on the sunburn as instructed on the bottle. You should feel a cooling sensation, like putting a mildly cold ice pack all over your skin. Aloe Vera and lidocaine are the two most common ingredients in these products, and they are tested and proven to provide relief. If you want a quick-fix for your sunburn, this may be the best option for you.

Take Anti-Inflammatory Medication

Over the counter anti-inflammatory medication can give your body the power to heal your sunburn from within. This is not going to provide you with instant relief, but it may speed up the healing process a little bit. If your sunburn is severe, you may need to see a doctor to get prescription-strength medication instead. He may give you a topical medication to apply to your skin or a pill to take daily while the sunburn heals.

Take a Cold Shower

Sometimes, something as simple as a cool shower is enough to ail an aching sunburn. You can use ice packs to cool targeted areas of the skin as well, if you have a spot that is worse than others. For instance, you may put two ice packs on your couch and spread your legs across to get the back of your knees. That is an area where most people feel a lot of pain. Cool yourself down when possible and you’ll soon forget about your sunburn entirely.

Drink Plenty of Water

You have to stay hydrated when you have a sunburn because your skin will naturally be quite dry. The after-sun products mentioned above will help hydrate on the surface, but you have to do your part to keep the rest of your body fueled with water. Not only will this help your skin, but it will enhance the circulation throughout your body to speed up the healing process.

On average, an adult should drink a minimum of eight glasses of water a day, which is equivalent to four standard water bottles. You may need to increase that amount based on your activity levels. Do what you can to heal quickly after a sunburn, and make sure you protect your skin before your next day at the pool.

Other than that, all you can really do is wait out the burn and hope for the best. Don’t pick at your blisters, and avoid peeling skin that is not ready to come off. Your body will take care of itself if you let it.

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