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Simple Pool Enhancements and Redesigns

Want to update your existing pool without spending a ton of money? There are plenty of pool remodeling options you can explore without completely redoing your swimming pool. In the article below, we will go over some simple pool enhancements and redesigns that you can use to transform your pool into your personal outdoor oasis.

Saltwater Conversions

Many homeowners prefer saltwater pools over freshwater pools because they do not require chlorine. They also offer lower maintenance costs, which can save you money in the long run. Because saltwater pools are more costly to install than freshwater pools, many people choose freshwater at first just to get a pool in their backyard. If you did that, you may consider upgrading to a saltwater setup to cut down your costs in the future. This may not change the way the pool looks, but it will give you a new experience in your backyard.

Lighting Accents

Simple lighting can dramatically change the way a swimming pool looks. Whether you use the lighting under water or add some floating lanterns above the pool area, you can completely change the tone of the swimming pool without investing much money. If you opt for LED lights, you can change the color of the lights at will. This is great for holidays and special celebrations because you can make the water the same color as the rest of the party theme.

Upgraded Stonework

Add on to your pool decking with new stonework. You may also choose to add planters around your pool area or a fire pit. If you plan on building an outdoor kitchen near the pool, you could tie that into your new masonry. It all depends on how much you want to spend and what your overall plans are for your swimming pool.

Alternative: If you have concrete surrounding your pool, you could stain it to make it look more like stone.

Outdoor Furniture

You could make your pool look better by changing up the furniture around it. Adding some nice patio furniture to the space may be exactly what you need to enhance your pool’s appearance. If your furniture is still in good condition, you could repaint it, re-stain it, or add new cushions to it to renovate what you already have. Furthermore, you could add a new umbrella above your outdoor table or some built-in planters to liven up your entertainment space.

Colorful Plants

If you don’t mind a little extra maintenance, you could add plants to the areas surrounding your pool. The types of plants you choose to use will depend on your climate and the amount of time you want to spend keeping up with your garden. Keep in mind when the plants will bloom. Some will stay out all year long, and others will only boom during certain times of the year. You will need to adjust your selection based on when you want your exterior to look its best.

Talk to a pool installation company about your pool remodeling options, and you will soon have the swimming pool of your dreams.

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