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Swimming Pool Grand Opening Party Ideas

Trying to plan a big bash for your swimming pool grand opening? There are plenty of party ideas for pool openings, depending on what your budget is and what you like to do. Check out some of these fun and creative suggestions to make your first day in the pool one to remember.

Outdoor Barbecue

One of the easiest and most common themes for pool opening parties is hosting a barbecue. If you have an outdoor kitchen near your pool deck, you could use that to do the cooking for your party. If not, you can use a simple grill to cook hamburgers, steaks, hotdogs, shish kabobs, or whatever else your guests may like. If you want to save money on food, turn this into a pot luck event and allow your guests to bring dishes with them. They can enjoy your pool, and you can host a fun event without spending a ton of money.

Beach Vacation

Make your guests feel like they’re at the beach by putting up beach-themed decorations around your pool. You may have a sandbox nearby for the kids to play in, or you could set up a volleyball net if your backyard will allow it. Encourage your guests to show up in their best beach gear, including sunglasses, sun hats, and fun swimsuits. Make some beachy mixed drinks for the adults to enjoy, and you’ll have a great pool party, guaranteed.

Hawaiian Islands

Playing off the idea of having a beach vacation party, you could theme your pool opening party around the Hawaiian Islands. Get some Hawaiian music to play in the background, and get a set of leis to give out to your guests as they arrive. You could look up some traditional Hawaiian recipes to prepare for the party, and you could put decorations on display that transport visitors to another party of the world.

Murder Mystery

Who says you can’t have a murder mystery party in a pool? This is an incredibly entertaining way to approach the night, and it is creative enough that most of your guests won’t have experienced it before. As long as all of your visitors are willing to participate, you can have a great night trying to figure out who “murdered” someone in or near the pool.

Scavenger Hunt

Split off into teams and come up with a list of items your guests have to find in or near the pool. You may hide some of these items at the bottom of the pool so people have to swim to get them. The list can be as long or short as you want it to be.

Pool Games

Rather than theming out your swimming pool grand opening, you could just plan out some fun games to play with your guests. Traditional options like Marco Polo and chicken are always fun, but you may look for some more creative alternatives to play with your guests. For instance, you may play something like Red Rover that’s usually played on land in the water. This will keep your guests entertained all night long.

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