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Top 10 Hotel Swimming Pool Safety Tips: Part 1

Hotel Swimming Pool Safety
1. Top 10 Hotel Swimming Pool Safety Tips: Part 1
2. Top 10 Hotel Swimming Pool Safety Tips: Part 2

Planning a family vacation this summer? Chances are you’re going to pick a hotel with a swimming pool. This is one of the most sought after features in the hospitality industry, and for some families, it determines where they stay for the duration of their vacations. In order to make the most out of your time in the water, follow these top 10 hotel swimming pool safety tips.

1 – Do Not Swim Alone

Since most hotel swimming pools do not have an on-staff lifeguard, you need to have a buddy with you in or near the pool. That way, someone is around to pull you to safety if you start to drown or fall near the pool. Don’t send your children down to the pool unless there is someone older around to watch after them. It only takes a few seconds for pool-time fun to turn into a serious injury.

2 – Read All of the Warning Signs

Those annoying signs posted all around the pool are there for a reason. Hotels don’t set rules and regulations for their pools to cut back on fun. They do so as a way to protect their guests from hurting themselves or hurting each other. For instance, most hotel pools do not allow diving because the pool is not deep enough to support a deep drive. You may jump in and hit your head or hands on the bottom of the pool because of the force you enter the water with. Pay attention to all of the warning signs so you and your family stays safe around the water.

3 – Wear Water Shoes

This has a two-fold benefit. The shoes will add traction to the bottom of your feet, which will reduce your chances of falling on the slick pavement around the pool. They will also prevent you from interacting with the unavoidable germs in public facilities. You can wear these same shoes when you take a shower in your hotel room, just to be on the safe side. If you buy shoes specifically made for the water, you can take them right into the pool without any problems.

4 – Stretch before You Swim

No matter how much fun swimming may be, it’s a workout at the end of the day. As with any workout, it’s important to stretch your muscles before you get started so you don’t end up with cramps and injuries later on. Take a couple minutes to stretch your arms, legs, neck, and torso before you go swimming, and you’ll be ready to play for quite some time.

5 – Keep Valuables in Your Hotel Room

Avoid bringing phones, purses, wallets, and other valuables with you to the pool. If you want to bring your phone with you to take videos or pictures, try hiding it in a bag with towels, sunscreen, and other unsuspecting items. After all, you are in a public place with people you do not know. Do not tempt them to take something from you when you are not around. As an alternative, you may consider having one family member stay with your belongings at all times – sort of like a designated driver going to the bar.

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