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Top 10 Hotel Swimming Pool Safety Tips: Part 2

Hotel Swimming Pool Safety
1. Top 10 Hotel Swimming Pool Safety Tips: Part 1
2. Top 10 Hotel Swimming Pool Safety Tips: Part 2

So far in our hotel swimming pool safety guide, we have explained the importance of having a swimming buddy with you at all times and reading the warning signs posted around hotel pools. In the second half of our top 10 list, we will reveal even more hotel pool safety tips you can use for your family vacation.

6 – Use Floatation Devices for Children and Novice Swimmers

As a general precaution, make your younger children wear life jackets or arm floaties while they’re in the pool. This will ensure that they stay on top of the water, even if they accidentally get into the deep end. If you are an adult with limited swimming skills, you may want to keep a floating mattress or foam noodle nearby so you can grab it in an emergency. Note where the life ring is near the hotel pool so you can toss it to someone in need. It’s better to be safe than…well, you know.

7 – Teach Children to Stay in Shallow Water

Many hotel pools will have a floating rope separating the shallow end from the deep end. Teach your child what that barrier is and make sure he or she stays in the safe part of the pool. If there isn’t a rope in the pool, create an invisible line that your kids cannot cross. This may be a bend in the shape of the pool or a depth number on the edge. Whatever the case may be, your children should learn where they can and cannot swim.

8 – NEVER Run near the Pool

This is a major rule posted on nearly every safety sign on the market, but it merits its own section in our guide. Even if you have water shoes on and there is no water on the edges, you should not run near the pool. It is so easy to slip and fall in this slick area, and the hard floor could cause major injuries if you hit it wrong. If you knock yourself out and then fall into the pool, you could drown without even knowing it. No matter how much fun you’re having, do not sacrifice your safety just to run around.

9 – Stay Away from Inconsiderate Guests

If there are other people in the pool putting your family at risk, come back at a later time. For instance, there may be a group of teenagers doing cannonballs in the pool, even though the water is too shallow to do so safety. If you have young, impressionable children, they may want to give that a try, or they’ll throw a fit when you say no. Other guests may also splash water onto the sides of the pool that make the surface even slicker than normal. Be aware of your surroundings and protect your family at all costs.

10 – Map out the Pool before You Go in

Above all else, you need to know how a pool is set up so you can get yourself out in the event of an injury. Note where the stairs are, and pay close attention to drop-offs in depth. Show your children where these places are so they know how to help themselves when an emergency happens. By staying proactive about your hotel swimming pool safety, you can have a pleasant experience for your entire vacation.

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