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Why Vacation When You Can Staycation?

Take Time off Work

Take time off work just like you would for a normal vacation. Your boss won’t care if you hang out around the house for a week. Chances are he won’t even know where you go on vacation. If you cannot sacrifice work time, reserve an entire weekend for your staycation so you can reboot and prepare for another work week.

Pay close attention to the weather when you schedule your staycation. A big rain storm can easily turn your relaxing adventure into a plain, boring nap on the couch.

Prepare Your Backyard

The goal of a staycation is to transform your yard into an outdoor oasis worthy of paying money for. Clean out the pool, mow the yard, and add some greenery throughout to create a peaceful and relaxing environment. If you don’t want to do a lot of work before your staycation, you could hire a pool company to do most of the cleaning for you, and then get a gardener to make your yard look nice. Then you’ll truly feel like you’re coming into a high-end vacation spot.

Have a Pool Party

If you enjoy going on group vacations, you could host a group staycation right in your backyard. Invite your friends and family members over on the weekend for a big pool party. You could cook out on the grill, plan fun outdoor games, provide alcoholic drinks (for adults, obviously) and make tasty snacks for your guests to enjoy. Yes, this will all put work on you during your staycation, but it’s a small sacrifice for the amount of fun you could have.

Just Relax

Above all else, you should use your staycation as an opportunity to relax and unwind. Lather yourself with sunscreen and go tanning outside on a warm day. Take a nap near the pool, or just float around and enjoy the water. Make the most of your time away from work, and you will have a staycation worth remembering.

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