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The best way to reach us is to call 410-320-7817. We are happy to answer any questions about our services and pricing.

Pool Opening and Pool Closing

Our services include pool closing for the winter and reopening it for summer. You can also contact us for regular maintenance services. We conform to highest service standards and ensure that pools maintained by us remain safe and clean. A well-maintained pool inhibits the growth of bacteria and the need for repairs will also be less frequent.

Opening Services

We offer the following pool opening services:

  • Remove, inspect, fold and store the pool cover
  • Inspect filter and pump for any damaged/worn parts
  • Remove plugs
  • Raise water to appropriate levels
  • Test the water balance by adjusting the calcium, pH and alkalinity levels
  • Brush and clean the pool
  • Replace stored items like automatic cleaners, ladders and gauges
  • Start equipment

At Poolmax, we inspect electrical connections to the heaters, lights, pumps and other swimming pool equipment. We also replace plugs, valves and o-rings when it is necessary to do so. We can prime up the filtration equipment and hose down the pool deck.

Our professionals are equipped to clean the pool . We also backwash the filter if the pressure gauge increases or if the flow reduces considerably. To keep the water of the pool safe for use, the pool can be super-chlorinated to the optimum level.

Pool Closing service

We offer the following closing services:

  • Backwash the filter until it is completely clear
  • Vacuum clean the pool to remove dirt/debris
  • Ensure that pool is not damaged by the water table

Other than the above, our list of pool closing services includes draining the filtration system and exposing the pipe work, draining the feeder and storing the plugs in a secure place. Our professionals also wrap up the summer cover and store it carefully. Accessories like rollers, brushes, steps and  nets are detached from the pool and are stored in a safe environment. We also isolate electrical supply from the pool equipment and spray the motors and allied devices with water to clean them. The gas supply of the boiler is also switched off.

While closing a pool, our professionals adjust the pH level with the appropriate chemical to make it 7.2 and super chlorinate the pool water to make it 10 ppm by using the appropriate chemicals. A satellite pump is used to mix the chemicals in the pool. After this is done, our experts will fit and adjust the winter cover, and close the pool for the season.

If you are a first time customer, fill out our online request form and get a free quote for our opening and/or pool closing services.

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