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Choosing the Right Pool Cleaning Machine

Pressure Side Pool Cleaning Machines

Pressure side pool cleaners are designed to work with the existing pressure side line in your pool. As water is returned to your pool, the motion of the water pushes the machine forward to complete its cleaning. Pressure side cleaners do not rely on your pool’s filtration system. They have a separate bag to hold dirt and debris, similar to what you would find on a standard vacuum cleaner. This relieves pressure on your filtration system and reduces the normal wear and tear.

Pros of Pressure Side Cleaners:

• Low cost
• Easy to clean, with minimal parts to replace
• Minimizes wear on the filtration system

Cons of Pressure Side Cleaners:

• The pool pump must be on for the cleaner to operate
• Some models require a booster pump if the pressure side line is not strong enough on its own

Suction Side Pool Cleaning Machines

Suction side pool cleaners use the suction line in your pool to move along the pool lining. The machine sucks to the side of the pool and moves up and down the side, cleaning the surface as it goes. Unlike pressure side cleaners, suction side cleaners tap into your pool’s filtration system to process the dirt and debris they collect. This puts pressure on your filter, and it may ultimately lead to more maintenance.

Pros of Suction Side Cleaners:

• Most affordable pool cleaners on the market (usually)
• Few moving parts, making them easy to maintain

Cons of Suction Side Cleaners:

• Increased wear on the filtration system
• The pool pump must be on for the cleaner to operate

Robotic Pool Cleaning Machines

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line pool cleaner, you can’t go wrong with a robotic one. Robotic pool cleaners are designed to work off electricity from your home. They do not require the use of any of your existing pool equipment. Robotic pool cleaning machines provide better cleaning power than the options listed above, and they reduce your overall power and maintenance costs. Many models of robotic cleaners can be used to clean pool walls, steps, and more, which saves you from any manual cleaning duties that may normally come up. Of course, all of these benefits come at a price, but most homeowners say the investment is well worth the results in the long run.

Pros of Robotic Pool Cleaners

• Lower energy bills (pool equipment is not required to run while the cleaner is on)
• No wear on your pool equipment, saving you money in maintenance
• Top-level cleaning with little to no manual cleaning required

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