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Choosing the Right Time to Open Your Swimming Pool

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, one of the biggest questions we hear from our clients is, “When is the best time to open my swimming pool?” The answer to this question will vary throughout the country based on the weather conditions in the area. Before you decide to open your swimming pool for the year, consider some of the factors below. That will help you pick the timing that’s perfect for you.

Rule of Thumb – When the Temperature Stays above 70 Degrees

When the temperature around you stays about 70 degrees or higher every day, you can consider opening your swimming pool. If you wait for the weather to get much warmer, you may face a big algae bloom that you have to control. Algae is more likely to blossom in warmer temperatures, which means that your warm, unopened pool could become a breeding ground for algae. If you open the pool early enough, you can get ahead of the bloom and keep your pool water sparkling clean.

Maintenance Costs – How Early Is Too Early?

The longer your pool stays open, the more money you have to spend on chemicals, cleaning, and pool maintenance. The extent of these extra costs will depend on the type of swimming pool you have. Saltwater systems are less costly to maintain because they create their own chlorine. If you have a saltwater setup with a good filtration system, you may not have to spend much extra money opening your pool early. Talk to your swimming pool installer about your monthly upkeep costs to determine which time is right for you.

Better Early than Late

If the weather suddenly turns hot next week, will your swimming pool be ready to enjoy? The fact is that Mother Nature is unpredictable, no matter where you live. Once the weather is fairly warm on a regular basis, you might as well get the pool ready to go for the first heat stroke of the year. If you wait too long, your pool water may not be ready when you want it to be.

Having a Pool Heater Makes a Big Difference…

If you have a pool heater, you may be able to hold off a little longer in the year than normal to open your pool. That is because you aren’t relying on the sun to do all of the heating for you. You can speed up the process artificially. If you do not have a pool heater yet, consider getting one installed before you officially open your pool. That way, you can start to enjoy the water whenever you want to.

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