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Creative Alternatives to Common Beach Accessories

With the vacation season coming to an end, you may be scrambling to plan a last-minute trip with your family. This may turn into a trip to a nearby beach or a fun adventure in your own backyard. Whatever the case may be, there are some unique items you can use to improvise on your beach or pool adventure. Listed below are some creative alternatives to common beach accessories that you can use before the end of summer.

Lifejackets for Seat Cushions

If you are going to be out on a boat or just sitting around next to the pool or ocean, you may want something soft to sit on. A lifejacket is a great option for this, assuming you have extras lying around. If not, you could also consider using blow-up floatation devices like what you might use in the pool. These options also work well on the beach if you want to sit on a log, rock, or stump nearby.

Fitted Bed Sheet for Beach Towel

Instead of using a large beach towel to lie on in the sun, try using a fitted bed sheet. Flip it so that the elastic side is on top, and then put something in all four corners to raise the sides. Coolers, boulders, and bike helmets all work well for this. When you are finished, you will have something to sit on, and you will create a barrier around you to protect you from the sand. Just make sure the ground is clear of glass, shells, and other sharp objects that may rip through the sheet.

Plastic Sleds for Boogie Boards

If you still have a plastic sled from winter, you might be able to use it for some fun at the beach too. It will not be as buoyant as a boogie board would be, but you still may be able to float on the water with it. It all depends on how it is constructed. Most cheap plastic sleds are filled with enough air to keep you afloat on the water long enough to ride the waves. The only way to know for sure is to try. If you are going to be on a boat, you could attach a tire to the back with a string. Then everyone could ride it like a surfboard behind the boat.

Styrofoam Boxes for Coolers

Coolers are expensive, no matter how big or small they may be. Styrofoam is a great insulating material, and it can be cheap if you know what to look for. Most gas stations will sell small foam coolers for $10 or so, but why pay for that when you could get one for free? Ask the local pet store when they get their fish shipments in. Live fish come in Styrofoam boxes because they need to be insulated over night for their travels. Most pet stores just throw these away, so you can call dibs on them before they go to the trash. Then all you have to do is wipe out the insides and throw some ice in.

Sunscreen for Sunscreen

There is no substitute for good sunscreen, so you might as well prepare to bring that along with you. You will need to reapply a few times if you are out for long periods of time to protect your skin from UV rays. Think of creative ways you can have fun at the beach or by the pool, and then put your new beach accessories to the test.

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