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How to Keep Your Swimming Pool Water Crystal Clear

Even the most expensive swimming pools in America are subject to algae blooms without proper care. A simple misstep in the setup for the pool could result in completely green water the next day.  Assuming you don’t want to come home to that, you can follow the guide below to learn how to keep your swimming pool water crystal clear. Follow the steps closely, and your pool will always be ready to enjoy.

Invest in a Great Filter

A high-quality filtration system will play a big role in keeping you pool water clear. After all, the role of the filter is to get rid of harmful chemicals and debris in the water. If you have an older pool or a consistent problem with algae, it may be time to upgrade your filtration. You may also want to get your pool inspected to see if you need to replace the sand or filters used in your equipment. A quick repair may be all it takes to significantly improve the water quality in your pool.

Check Your Water Chemistry

With the right balance of chlorine and other disinfectants in your water, you should have no issues keeping it clean and algae free. Check your chemistry at least once a week, before you clean the pool or add any chemicals. If you have a pool maintenance company that comes by, they will do that work for you. When checking your water, you will want to test for Total Alkalinity, pH, chlorine, calcium hardness, and stabilizer (Cyanuric acid) levels.

Start by balancing your total alkalinity as this will help to bring your other levels more in line with normal ranges. Once your alkalinity is adjusted within a normal range of 80 to 120 ppm, you can adjust the other chemistry.

Adhere to a regular schedule of shocking the pool – either a certain day of the week or after a heavy bather load. Use 2 pounds of shock for every 10,000 gallons of water and this should remove bacteria and contaminants.

Maintain Good Circulation

Another key factor in keeping your swimming pool water clear is making sure that it is passing through your filter properly. This comes down to the circulation. The more your water can circulate or “turn over” per hour, the cleaner the pool will be. If your circulation system is inefficient, it may not get the water filtered quickly enough.

Keep the Cover on

Keeping a pool cover on when you are not in the pool will prevent leaves, branches, and bugs from getting into your pool. This will make cleaning easier for you, and it will reduce the chances of algae-causing bacteria to get into the water. The sun’s rays may also encourage algae to form because algae is photosynthetic. By blocking off that sun when you are not in the pool, you can keep your water looking great.

Remember: Maintenance Is Cheaper Than Cleanup

At the end of the day, it is cheaper to maintain your swimming pool than it is to clean up after a big algae bloom or problem with your chemistry balance. It may take days to fully clear your water, and by that point, you may not have any time left to enjoy the water before heading back to work. Clean your pool regularly or invest in a professional pool maintenance company to do the work for you. They will make sure that your water looks great all year long.

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