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Pool Enclosures Can Extend Your Swimming Season: Part 1

Want to enjoy your swimming pool even longer? A pool enclosure could be the perfect solution for you. Also known as a pool dome, a pool enclosure is a special cover that surrounds your entire pool while still allowing you to swim under it. Unlike pool covers that sit along the surface of the water, pool enclosures raise above the water, acting like a protective dome that keeps your pool warmer, safer, and unexposed throughout the year. Let’s explore the world of pool enclosures in more detail to see if getting a pool dome is a good choice for you.

Benefits of Pool Enclosures

There are a number of benefits that come with having a swimming pool enclosure. Some of the most obvious ones include:
•Being able to enjoy your swimming pool longer
•Protecting your pool from bugs and debris
•Keeping the rain out of your pool
•Reducing swimming pool evaporation
•Maintaining the water levels, which subsequently protects the chemical balance in your pool
•Blocking out some harmful UV rays

Simply put, a pool enclosure allows you to get more use out of your pool while doing less maintenance work. It’s a winning investment all the way around.

Different Types of Pool Enclosures

There are two different main categories of pool enclosures to choose from: structural pool domes and inflatable pool domes. Both come with their own advantages and disadvantages, so you will have to decide which option is right for you.

Structural Pool Enclosures

Structural pool domes are sturdy, reliable, and affordable. They consist of an aluminum frame covered by thick vinyl sheets. Some pool owners see as much as a 20 degree increase in water temperature with the use of a structural pool enclosure because of the way the system soaks in light and traps in heat from the sun. This is beneficial for cold night because the water may still be pleasant enough to swim in in the morning.

The downside to using a structural pool enclosure is that you cannot keep it up during times of high wind or heavy snowfall. While the structure may do just fine under light wind and light snow, it will cave under the pressure of heavy weather activity. If you live in an area where it snows a lot, you will need to take down your pool enclosure before the first big snowfall of the season and store it for the winter.

Structural pool covers do not require much cleaning, and they can be easily put in storage as needed. It only takes a few hours to install them, and their affordable price tag may be a perfect fit for your budget.

To learn about inflatable pool covers, you will need to continue to Part 2 of this discussion.


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