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Pool Opening Checklist

Our 15 step pool opening checklist for inground pools. Between April and June every year – It’s pool opening time! The time that cookouts begin and warm weather is upon us! If you want PoolMax to open your pool, be sure to give us a call to get you on our schedule. But, if you want to do-it-yourself, opening your pool can be a fairly simple process. Be sure to use this handy step-by-step checklist to ensure you don’t miss anything.

  1. Remove any loose debris or leaves from your pool cover. If you have a solid cover, pump off as much accumulated water as possible.
  2. Remove the cover – lay it out to clean and dry before storing it for the season.
  3. Remove all winter plugs from skimmers and returns
  4. Fill the water in the pool to the appropriate level
  5. Replace all drain plugs on the equipment and pressure gauge if necessary
  6. Reconnect pumps, filter and electrical connections
  7. Replace any adjustable inlet nozzles that were removed during closing
  8. Inspect plumbing and equipment for any damage or leaks
  9. If you used anti-freeze during the season, discharge to waste to clear it from your plumbing
  10. Turn equipment on and inspect for any leaks or damage
  11. Give the water some time to filter and check your chemistry
  12. Add any needed chemicals
  13. Brush and vacuum
  14. Run your filtration systems overnight
  15. Shock the pool to eliminate any bacteria from the winter season

You could just call PoolMax and pick a date you want your pool opened, but, if you decide to do it yourself, we’ll deliver any parts or supplies you may need! PoolMax offers opening and closing throughout the Baltimore and Annapolis areas.

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