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Pros and Cons of Hot Tubs: Part 2

Pros and Cons of Hot Tubs
1. Pros and Cons of Hot Tubs: Part 1
2. Pros and Cons of Hot Tubs: Part 2

PRO: Numerous Health Advantages

There are plenty of health advantages to using a hot tub. Many doctors will prescribe hot tubs to patients with lower back pain and arthritis because the heated water helps reduce inflammation, cut down on swelling, increase circulation, and decrease pressure on the limbs. Hot tubs are also great stress relievers. If you have ever sat in bathtub full of warm water, you know how calming the steam and heat can be. Imagine having access to that peace and tranquility at any time, right in your own backyard.

CON: Risk of Heat Stress

While the heat from hot tubs can be enormously beneficial, it can also be a health risk for certain individuals. Excessive heat exposure could cause harm over time, especially if you do not monitor the temperature on your hot tub. The temperature of the water should never be higher than 104 degrees, and you should not use the hot tub on days when the temperature outside is already hot. If you ever feel dizzy or lightheaded in the hot tub, get out and cool your body down to avoid serious complications.

PRO: Better Healing and Recovery from Injuries

If you get injured at work or playing a sport, you may be able to speed up your recovery time by using your hot tub. As we indicated above, the hot water will increase your circulation and decrease your swelling so your body doesn’t have to work as hard to get you healed. Speak with your doctor before using your hot tub for injury recovery to make sure it is a good fit for your specific health concerns.

CON: Risk of Infection

If you do not maintain your hot tub well, bacteria can grow in the water that could cause infection. Make sure you keep up with your hot tub maintenance or hire a company to do the work for you. If you notice any strong smells coming from your hot tub water, stay away from the area and speak to a maintenance technician about what may be going on. Avoid using the hot tub if you have any open wounds, especially with other people in the hot tub. This could be a health risk for you.

PRO: Added Property Value

In many cases, having a hot tub in your yard will increase the sale’s value for your home. That may not be the case for every neighborhood or every city, so it would be wise to check into the real estate market in your area before making an investment. If you live in a nice neighborhood where homes are expected to have a pool and a hot tub, you will get a great return on investment by installing a hot tub in your yard. If, however, you live where there are virtually no hot tubs near you, you cannot expect to get your money back when you go to sell the home.

CON: Reduced Buyer’s Market

Having a hot tub makes your home a little more special than it was before. That could lead to more money in your pocket at the end of the sale, but it could also limit the number of people who want to buy your home. Not everyone wants to deal with the maintenance that comes with a swimming pool or hot tub, so some buyers may choose another home without those features. In the right market though, a slightly limited number of buyers will not impact your overall profits.

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