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Save Money by Reducing Your Pool Pump’s Energy Usage

Your pool pump is one of the biggest energy users in your pool’s circulation system. If you’re tired of paying higher-than-expected electricity bills in the summer, you may be able to cut back on your pump usage to lower your overhead. In the guide below, we will explain how to save money by reducing your pool pump’s energy usage this summer.

Experiment with Pump Timing

You may be running your pool pump more than you actually need to. You can experiment with the amount of hours your pump runs throughout the day and see if you can get away with less time. You have to be careful about this though. If you do not run the pump enough to properly circulate the water, you will end up spending more money on chemicals and repairs to counterbalance the low pump usage. Most in-ground swimming pools must be pumped for 8-16 hours a day, depending on how much they are used, how exposed they are to sunlight, etc.

If you choose to adjust the time, keep in mind that you will need to run the pump more often during the hot days of the week when algae blooms most rapidly. You can talk to your pool maintenance company about the best timing for your pool’s individual needs and potentially save money on your energy bill after that.

Invest in a Variable Speed Pool Pump

Variable speed pool pumps use significantly less energy than traditional pool pumps – as much as 80% less, in fact. They are more expensive than other models on the market, which is why many people do not choose to buy them when they install their in-ground swimming pool. If you’ve had your pool for a while or your energy bills are just overwhelming, upgrading to a variable speed pump could easily pay for itself in the long run. Ask your pool installation company about your pump options to figure out what’s best for your pool.

PoolMax sells and installs a variety of variable speed pool pumps and our customers have reported a dramatic decrease in energy usage while still maintaining great water quality. Call us for more info.

Upgrade Your Pool Filter

Using a bigger or more effective pool filter could save you a ton of money in energy bills resulting from your pump usage. A large filter will trap in more dirt, which will put less work on your pump and your filtration system as a whole. This will also create less resistance when the water passes through the filter, which again will help you save energy. If your pool filter is no longer sufficient for your needs, it may be time for an upgrade.

Maintain Proper Pool Water Chemistry Levels

Your pool’s water chemistry will have a major impact on your entire filtration system, including your pump. Improper chemical levels may force you to run your swimming pool pump for longer hours in the day, eating up energy and putting more wear on the pump’s moving parts. Check your water chemistry on a regular basis and make adjustments necessary to keep your water clean and clear. If this is something you do not have time to do on your own, you can always work with a pool maintenance company like Pool Max to get the job done for you.

Use A Secondary Pool Sanitizer

The more sanitary your water is, the less filtration it requires. If your pool has heavy foot traffic or it just seems to get dirty quickly, you may consider getting a secondary sanitizer to help keep your water clean. This can be in the form of an extra piece of equipment or clarifiers you add to your pool water. Just make sure the cost of adding this new piece of equipment or water purifier does not outweigh the money you’re spending to run your pool pump.

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