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Save Money on Heating and Lighting for Swimming Pools

The energy costs for swimming pools often come down to heating and lighting. While the pool equipment itself requires electricity or some other energy source to keep going, you cannot do much about reducing the fuel it requires. You can, however, cut down on the cost of heating and lighting for swimming pools if you take the right steps and investment in the right equipment from the start. Here are some tips to help you save money in the future.

Saving Money on Pool Heating

Cutting back on the cost of pool heating comes down to two factors: knowing what heater to use and how often to use it. If you already have a swimming pool heater, it may not be financially favorable to switch to an energy efficient unit. If you do not have one though and are looking to buy something that will not cost much to run, solar heaters are your best bet. Gas and propane pool heaters are sufficient alternatives, but they will require fueling from time to time.
In terms of how often you should run your heater, only do so when you plan to use the pool. If you know you will use it later in the evening, you may want to turn down the heat during the day and then increase it about an hour before you get in. When you are finished using the pool, you can turn off the heater entirely or turn the temperature back down again.

Having a pool cover on top of your swimming pool will also help lock in heat in the water. This will reduce the amount of energy your heater burns through to heat the water to a certain temperature. If you do not have a cover at this time, that may be something worth investing in.

Saving Money on Pool Lighting

Swimming pool lighting is an optional addition that a lot of homeowners enjoy having on their in-ground pools. This allows you to use the pool for longer at night, and it can help set the tone for the evening as a whole. Most pool lighting nowadays uses LED bulbs because they are extremely energy efficient, and they last for a long time. LEDs also give you the option to change your pool lighting to almost any color, and you get a lot more light with a lot less voltage.

If you have an older set of pool lighting or you chose not to invest in LED lighting, this would be a wise upgrade for you. There are retrofit kits on the market that may be able to convert your existing lights into these low-voltage alternatives, depending on what your needs may be. Feel free to contact us here at Pool Max for a quote on what it would cost to transition to energy efficient pool lighting. We’ll work with you to help you get the best output for your money.

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