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Setting Your Pool up for Nighttime Swims

Like to swim at night? Don’t we all! After a full day of sunlight, most pools are the perfect temperature for a relaxing post-sunset swim. In order to be safe and still have fun during this glorious part of the day, you need to get your pool set up for nighttime swims. The tips below will help you do just that.

Get the Right Lighting

You need to have some sort of lights for your nighttime swims, just to make sure you can see the steps, the edge of the pool, and other people you may be swimming with. But this brings up a big question: what kind of pool lighting should I get? Here are a few options to keep in mind…

•    Hanging Lanterns – Create a warm glow around the pool without directly shining light around.
•    In-Pool Lighting – Use LED lights inside your pool to change the color of the water and allow you to see below the surface at night.
•    Landscape Lighting – Highlight the plants around the pool and cast light on the ground at the same time.
•    Bug Control Lighting – Attract mosquitoes, flies, moths, and other insects away from the pool so you can enjoy the water in peace.
•    String Lights – Hang strings of lights around the pool to craft a canopy of subtle illumination.
•    Walkway Lighting – Put lights in the ground or hovering above the ground to indicate where the walkways are near your pool.

There are many other forms of pool lighting that you can use for nighttime swims, but that should give you some inspiration to build from. Install the right lighting for the mood you want to set around your pool, and you will be able to enjoy a safe, relaxing swim whenever you want.

Create an Insect Barrier

Insects can easily ruin even the most enjoyable nighttime swims. They’re nature’s party crashers, and they’ll try to join in on the fun if you’re not careful. Do what you can to control the bugs on your property so you are not overwhelmed with them at night. You could have a pest control company spray your property for critters, killing off the ones that are already there. The spray should double as a pest control barrier as well, creating a shield around your yard that keeps insects out. Make sure you get the property sprayed regularly. Most barriers will only last about 3 weeks before they need to be resprayed.

You may also use bug control lamps, automatic misters, and mosquito netting to keep your pool insect-free at night. Build a canopy above the pool, and then you can drape the netting all the way to the ground for protection. Assess your options and see what works best for your yard.

Beware of Your Privacy – Or Lack Thereof

Just because it’s dark outside doesn’t mean people can’t see you in your swimming pool. This is especially true if you have lighting around the pool like we mentioned in the first tip. Your neighbors may be able to watch you during your night swims, so don’t automatically assume you can go skinning dipping in the backyard. You may get away with this under a canopy, but you won’t in an open area. As long as you remain aware of your surroundings, you should be able to enjoy many pleasant summer nights in your swimming pool.

BONUS TIP: Don’t Swim When You’re Sleepy!
If you’re tired, don’t go near the pool. This is especially true if you are trying to swim by yourself. The pool may seem like a great place to unwind, but it is also a dangerous place to be if you fall asleep on accident. On nights when you can barely get your shoes off due to exhaustion, it’s best just to snuggle up in bed.

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