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Stock up and Save on Next Year’s Pool Supplies

You may be getting ready to cover up your pool for fall, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan ahead for next year. This is the best time to save money on pool supplies because the demand is low and most companies are clearancing out their inventories. You’ll still get top-quality products that you can enjoy next season. You’ll just be buying a little in advance. Here are some different ways you can stock up and save on next year’s pool supplies.

Pool Maintenance Supplies

Running low on chlorine, salt, algaecide, or other chemicals used in your pool? This is the perfect time to buy them. Pay particularly close attention to shifts in inventory, like a company switching labels and selling out products with the old brand on them. You can get these for a steal and be fully prepared for next season. Of course, you won’t have to worry about this if you have someone else do your pool maintenance for you, but it can’t hurt to compare prices and see what you can save.
Note that some chemicals have expiration dates. Do not buy more than you can use in the effective date range listed on the packaging. If you are concerned about this, ask your pool supply company what you will be able to get the most of if you buy in bulk.

Pool Covers

This may not be the ideal time to buy pool covers because a lot of other people will be investing in one for the fall and winter months. With that in mind, you could still save money on “last year’s” pool covers. These may be a slightly different color or pattern, but they will function the same and still add value to your pool. Some people invest in a pool cover when their pool is installed, so there may not be a high demand in your area. If you need a new cover or you simply want one to use as a backup, this is a great time to get it.

Pool Toys

Unlike maintenance supplies, pool toys have no expiration date. A set of pool noodles will work the same a year from now as they will right this moment, as long as they are stored properly. A lot of pool owners take advantage of the savings at this time of year to get expensive inflatables that they didn’t buy early on in the season. Want a floating executive chair for your swimming pool? Buy it now for half price and enjoy a life of luxury next summer.

Pool Furniture

Last but certainly not least, you could use this time to save money on outdoor furniture. Get new chairs and couches to go around your pool or a new canopy to hang above your table. The outdoor furniture industry goes through fluctuations more so than the pool industry does, so you can get a ton of great deals on “blow out” sales in your area. If you really want to save, you could buy display models for patio furniture when stores start taking down their displays. Just make sure whatever you buy can stand up to the wetness and humidity near your pool.

Enjoy this money-saving time to shop, and you’ll be set to swim when the season starts again!

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