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Taking Care of Your Pool Canopy in the Winter

Having a pool canopy in the summer is a great way to block out harmful UV rays and maintain the temperature around your pool. In the winter though, this canopy is liable to get damaged from the high winds, heavy snow, and falling debris that are common around this time of year. The guide below explains how to take care of your pool canopy in the winter so you can put it up when next summer rolls around.

Take the Canopy down When You Close the Pool

Your pool canopy will do you no good in the middle of winter, so you need to take it down when you plan to close your pool. If you have a pool heater that allows you to keep your pool open when the weather cools down, you will want to pull the canopy down for any storms that come through. Keep an eye on the weather so you can plan ahead to pull the canopy down.

Check the Canopy for Damage When You Take It down

After you pull your canopy down for storage, you can take time to inspect it for any damage that may have happened over the summer. If you notice tears or rips that need to be mended, you can fix them at this time so they do not worsen in storage. If you notice excessive damage that is not worth repairing, you may invest in some new canopies for next year. You should be able to find good deals on pool canopies in the winter because they are in low demand.

Store Your Canopy in a Secure Location

The way you store your pool canopy will depend on the model you have above your pool. Some are simple cloths with tethers, so you can roll them up like you would a poster and store them away for the cold season. If your canopy is rigid, you may need to reserve a space inside a shed, shop, or garage to lean it against the wall. If your canopy came with a storage case, you can use that to keep the cover clean and damage-free while it is in storage. Research what storage method will work best for your specific canopy model, or ask a pool expert near you.

Prepare for Next Year

With everything down and stored, all you have to do is maintain your pool over the winter so you can use it again when the weather warms up. Make sure you have access to your canopy when the sun starts to shine bright again, and you can get your yard ready for the fun times to come. If you have any other questions about swimming pool canopies or you would like a quote for the installation of a pool canopy, feel free to give us a call and one of our swimming pool installation reps would be happy to assist you.

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