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How to Extend Your Pool Season

Who says you can only use your pool for 2-3 months out of the year? After making an investment in such an amazing home feature, you might as well get the most out of it. You can’t control the weather, but there are some steps you can take to make your pool usable even longer. Here is a guide explaining how to extend your pool season.

Invest in a Solar Pool Cover

Solar pool covers use energy from the sun to heat your pool water when your pool is closed. When you retract the cover, the pool water is ready to go, even on a day with mild temperatures. You don’t have to wait for it to be scorching hot outside to use your pool. You can use it in the middle of spring or in early fall, and the water will still feel like it does on a hot summer day.

Keep in mind that cloud coverage and other weather features may hinder the cover’s ability to draw in energy, so there will still be days when you may not be able to use your pool. With the cover on though, you’ll be able to trap in heat from the day before, and hopefully that will be enough for the following day when the sun is out.

Get a Swimming Pool Heater

Yet another great way to extend your pool season is to get a swimming pool heater. There are several different types of pool heaters to choose from, depending on how quickly you want the water to heat up and how much energy you want to use. A pool heater works much like a heater for your home, but instead of warming up the air, it warms up the water you swim in. This means that you can use the pool on a cool day and still have warm, soothing water to soak in.

Many pool companies will promote pool heaters with the idea that you can “use your pool all year long.” That may not be the case though. While you can significantly increase the amount of time you get to use your pool, even the strongest heater in the market isn’t going to heat your water in the dead of winter. You wouldn’t want to put the rest of your pool equipment through the stress of winter use anyway, so it’s best to winterize your pool equipment and wait for spring before you crank up the heater.

Install a Pool Enclosure

A swimming pool enclosure essentially converts your outdoor swimming pool into an indoor swimming pool. It encases the pool for however long you want it to and acts as a means of protection from dirt, debris, rain, and much more. You can control the temperature inside your pool enclosure, which means that you can make a cold day feel warm enough to swim. You just have to make sure you select the right pool enclosure for your specific needs and that you take care of it according to the maintenance requirements.

Keep up with Pool Maintenance

There is nothing worse than having to shut down your pool for a repair you could have prevented. With proper pool maintenance and annual pool inspections, you can catch damages early on and repair them as needed. Many of your repairs can be completed before your pool officially opens, so you don’t have to shorten or stop your pool system for maintenance requirements. As long as you keep your pool equipment running strong, you can enjoy your outdoor oasis for a good portion of the year.

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