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How to Keep Insects Away from Your Pool

Unfortunately, swimming pool season happens to be the same time of year when all the bugs come out. Your water looks like a giant drinking fountain for them, drawing them closer and ruining your experience all at once. Before you close the pool down out of pure frustration, check out our guide on how to keep the insects away. Your peaceful, pleasant summer is closer than you think!

The Bugs Aren’t There for the Water…

Some insects will come around for a quick drink, but the ones that stick around are there for another reason: food. They will munch on any algae you have growing in your pool, to the point of total infestation. Get rid of the algae and you get rid of the bugs.

1. Start by scrubbing down your pool to get rid of any existing algae. Repeat this as needed to keep your pool clean.
2. Use a pool cover when you are not using the swimming pool to block light from getting in the water. The algae uses the light to grow.
3. Treat your water with algaecide to prevent future outbreaks of algae.
4. Maintain proper water parameters to keep your pool as clean as possible. Invest in professional pool cleaning as needed so you do not have to keep track of this around your busy schedule.

If you can maintain clean, crystal clear water, you will greatly reduce your insect population.

Break the Surface Tension

For the insects that float on the top of your water (wasps and mosquitos, for instance), all you need to do is break the surface tension to kill or get rid of them. To put it simply, some insects are able to spread out their minimal body weight so they literally walk on water. This is because of the surface tension, which essentially turns the water into a concrete floor for those insects. A small amount of dish detergent may be all you need to add to your water to break the surface tension, but that isn’t ideal if you have children in the pool. We have special chemicals at Pool Max to break up the surface tension without putting your family at risk if they accidentally drink the water.

Surround Your Pool with Netting

Mosquito nets are fairly cheap to buy, and they can greatly reduce the number of insects that get into your pool area. Of course, you need something to attach the netting to in order for it to be effective. If you have an awning or canopy over your pool, that would be ideal. Otherwise, you may need to create a tent of sorts to surround the pool area with nets.

As long as you keep your pool clean and covered throughout the summer, you should be able to minimize your insect population and maximize your entertainment at the same time.

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