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How to Save Money on Pool Furniture

Pool furniture can get pricey, depending on how extravagant you go with it. A simple patio set may not cost much, but a full set of vinyl pool chairs may break the bank if you’re not careful. In order to make the most of this investment, you may have to get creative with how and when you order your seating. Here are some quick tips showing how to save money on pool furniture.

Invest in Good Quality Furniture from the Start

If you buy the right pool furniture from the beginning, you won’t have to worry about replacing it every summer. It may cost a little more initially, but the high-quality materials will pay for themselves in durability. Don’t be afraid to splurge on your pool and patio furniture if it means you can use the same set for 5-10 years. You’ll be a lot happier with your choice in the end.

PRO TIP: Focus on the Craftsmanship, Not the Color/Pattern

If you buy a piece of furniture that is made well, you don’t have to replace the whole piece. You can stain or paint it down the line, but you don’t have to replace it altogether. This is especially true for fabric on seat cushions. The cushions are cheap – it’s the furniture that hurts your wallet. Consider how the actual furniture is made, and you can worry about the aesthetic details later on.

Refurbish Used Furniture

If you have good pool furniture right now, refurbish it for future use. If you don’t have anything yet, you could check out local Craigslist ads, used pool supply stores, and even thrift stores for possible furniture ideas. Even something like a vinyl pool chair can be re-wrapped or retouched if the price is cheap enough. Just make sure the refurb project doesn’t cost more than a new piece of furniture as a whole.

Note that you don’t necessarily have to use “pool furniture” if you’re going to buy something used. You can get a little creative, as long as you make sure the furniture can stand up to constant water on it. Waterproof an old park bench or re-upholster some movie theater seating to use around the pool. Get creative and see where your imagination takes you!

Make Sure Your Furniture Is Pool-Friendly

You may be tempted to throw regular patio furniture near your pool because it’s made for the outdoors. This works in some cases, but other times, it turns into a rusty nightmare. Not all outdoor furniture is made to withstand the humidity and moisture in the pool area. If your furniture is not treated to handle frequent wetness, it will rust, warp, or lost its structural integrity, to the point that you have to replace it. Avoid the extra expense and make sure your furniture is right for the pool.

Shop in the Off-Season

This all comes down to supply and demand. Pool furniture is in-demand during the summer months, so it costs more to buy at that time. Granted, you have more furniture to choose from when the demand is high, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find something in the off-season. Wait to buy your pool furniture when the weather starts to turn cold, and you’ll catch some great clearance sales that will cut your costs in half. Then all you have to do is store the furniture for the remainder of the year, and you’ll be set for next summer!

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