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Swimming Pool Repainting Myths

If you’re planning on repainting your swimming pool this summer, you may want to do some research ahead of time. Of course, we always advise having professional pool painters do the work for you, but we can’t stop you from tackling it yourself. Instead, we want to reveal some common swimming pool repainting myths so you don’t fall into common traps along the way. Read on to learn what to avoid in your repainting project.

You Can Paint a Pool with Water in It

This pool painting myth should be common sense, but there are plenty of homeowners out there who try to paint their pools when they are still wet. Even if paint says it can dry underwater or is safe to use in a pool, you should have a dry, clean surface to paint on. Drain your pool several days before you paint so the pool lining can dry out properly. The drier the pool is, the better the paint will stick to the surface.

You Don’t Have to Prep a Painted Pool

My pool is already painted, so I don’t need to prep it…right? Wrong, wrong, WRONG! The most important thing you can do to make your pool repainting a success is prepare the surface well ahead of time. The reason why pool paint sticks over other pool paint is because there are special chemicals in between the layers to help them bond together. If you do not prepare the surface well enough, your paint may only last a few months before it needs to be redone again. Don’t skip out on the prep work just because your pool is already painted. A little extra work will go a long way.

You Can Use Any Type of Paint on a Pool

Again, WRONG on so many levels. If you use the wrong type of paint on your pool, it will not stick properly to the sides of the pool. This will quickly result in peeling, chipping, cracking, and an unsightly mess for you to clean up. Even if you buy “pool paint” specifically, you need to know which type of pool paint is right for your swimming pool. Feel free to give the team at Pool Max a call to discuss different types of paint that will work for your in-ground pool.

You Can Use Any Type of Paint Roller

If you use a cheap paint roller on your pool, you will end up with little hairs and fibers all throughout the paint. We have had customers try to pain their pools in the past with simple foam rollers you can get for a few dollars at Walmart. Those will NOT work. If you are going to paint your pool yourself, you need to choose a roller that has a solvent resistant core and at least a 3/8″ nap. The “nap” refers to the length of the fibers on the outside of the roller. In essence, you want a fluffy roller that can stand up to harsh pool paint.

To eliminate your risk of making a mistake repainting your pool, contact Pool Max at (410) 320-7817 for a free consultation and swimming pool inspection.

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